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Why My Twitter Account Is Public

I thought that I would write a brief blog post to explain why I took the decision to keep my twitter account public. My account has been private a few times before, so at least I have experienced it that way. I have found that a public account gives me more freedom and less hassle.

There are a lot of guidelines available for teachers to ensure that they are careful about what is posted online. The Unions have helped here too, running training sessions in schools and at events (no doubt as a result of the number of cases they’ve handled). In this day and age, I’m very aware that whatever I tweet could potentially be seen by my employer, students and parents.

My twitter account is mainly for sharing ideas and information related to education. I prefer to use more private communication channels when it comes to other conversations (although as I’m shy, I don’t initiate often!). I also have a separate Twitter account for non-education related musings (which also helps with work-life balance). I don’t curse/swear, so I know that certain vocabulary will never be sent in a tweet. I’m also very careful not to post information that could be deemed sensitive (at least I believe so). I have shared my location in a few tweets before, but on purpose because attaching the location was relevant.

I mentioned above that a public account gave me less hassle. A private account means that new followers must be approved and when taking part in discussions using a hashtag (#ukedchat, #mathschat, #caschat, #edtech, etc.) then only followers can see the tweets, so the account could be made public for an hour (if you remember to change the settings). That is my idea of hassle, but I know others don’t like the spam either. I’m quite happy blocking/reporting, but then I don’t get much spam at the moment.

I hope that I’ve explained my reasons well enough and invite you to comment here or tweet me if anything needs to be made clearer.

This article was originally written on my personal blog in 2012, updated in 2015 and now again in 2019. I’ve been tweeting since 2008. 

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